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A Orginal Character By:

Nanoko 2 Urban is a fun designer
street outfit representing Nano’s
cute and feisty side. The outfit is
a mix of fiction, fashion, and
sporty looks inspired by actual
brand trends.

**The difference between the two PMX files is only the little bit of arm has been deleted to avoid clipping when the arm is twisted in extreme cases.**

Terns if Use:
-This model is NOT permitted for Commercial use. This includes Patreon. A Free model does not mean you can profit using it.

-Do Not re-upload this model. This model is available at

-Do Not use this model in any mannor that may harm Digitrevx’s identity.

-Do NOT upload this model to or sell on Second Life. This character is government copyright, selling any part of this model is prohibited.

If Nano-Chan gets sick and hurts your computer, please don’t blame Digitrevx! It is you responsibility to
maintain a healthy environment for Nanoko.

Nanoko Urban MMD model can be used in Unity or VR Chat.
MMD models can now be imported into Unity 2017 over
65k tri’s. It is not a bad idea to atlas a few textures since
realisticly they share the same material properies.
Textures such as Cloths (Top & Boots.png) and
(Face & Body.png) for VR Chat use.

Find Me!

Nanoko2Urban ReadMe JP

Nanoko2Urban ReadMe EN


デザインとモデル: Digitrevx


Design and Model By: Digitrevx

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